Personal Injury*

Accidents* can and do happen.


Everyday people can suffer a personal injury* at work, on holiday, in the street or even at home.

If an accident * happens to you there are questions that may need to be answered:

  • Has anybody been injured? *
  • Who is legally responsible?
  • Can I claim compensation?
  • How do I go about claiming?


Cahir and Company Solicitors can complete the application form and advise you in relation to the Injuries board, we will also advise you in relation to the adequacy of any compensation that may be offered together with recovering special damages such as medical expenses, out of pocket expenses as well as loss of earnings to ensure that you are adequately and properly compensated in respect of any loss.

Before bringing a case to the injuries board or to court we always ensure that your best interests are put first.

You may not understand the full legal implications involved in making a claim. We ensure that all advice is provided clearly and impartially in relation to your case, and ensure that you are kept fully up dated in relation to the claim.



Cahir & Co. is regulated by The Law Society of Ireland ensuring that you will at all times be treated to the highest standard, and that there will be complete openness and transparency in relation to costs and charges involved in your case, and in relation to the recovery of these costs and charges from the other side.*

We would be happy to assess any potential case regarding its success and potential value of the claim. We are happy to discuss any matters with you in person or virtually by skype.

* – In contentious business a Solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or a proportion of any award or settlement